Announcing: Customizable Notifications

Customizable Notifications has been one of our most requested features and we’re excited to announce its release today. In its previous form, Notifications was a fairly rigid piece of functionality. You had a main point of contact on your account—and any and all notifications were sent to this email. For some, this worked fine. For many of you, however, you wanted more control over who received what. It makes sense.

The size and structure of our customers varies quite a bit, so we wanted to stay conscious of that during our redesign—making sure we added functionality to notifications without adding complexity. The feature brings three new major enhancements:

Route Notifications to the Desired Teammate

Screenshot of shipment notification setting - subscriber

Each notification event can now be subscribed to by one or more person on your team. If you have a separate individual that handles billing and another that handles customer returns, they can now both be subscribed to the same event.

New Ways to Receive Notifications

Screenshot of shipment notification setting - notification type

In addition to receiving notifications via email, we’ve expanded our options to accommodate the way your team already works. We added SMS Messages (text messages), Slack notifications, and Web Hooks as delivery methods for each of our notification events.

Also, because you are now able to subscribe to a notification event more than once, that means your development team can now receive Web Hooks while your billing department receives emails or text messages.

Expanded Notification Events

We’ve more than doubled the list of notification events you can now subscribe to. Everything from orders being shipped to orders changing warehouses can now be monitored. You can choose to subscribe to as many events as you’d like.

Customizable notifications is available via the “Notifications” tab under your customer preferences. We can’t wait for everyone to try it out.

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