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Announcing the Whiplash Partner Network

Tuesday from the stages of 500 Startups' Demo Day we officially announced the launch of our Warehouse Partner Network—a revolutionary approach (we think) to solving a number of fulfillment issues.

Since its inception in 2009, Whiplash has been growing at a steady clip. A strong foundation in technology and responsiveness to customer issues have consistently set us apart from fulfillment alternatives. As new customers signed on, and exisitng customers began to flourish, we grew. As we grew, we kept running into the same issue: a lack of Capacity.

We simply could not spin up fulfillment centers fast enough for our customer demand.

After much planning, testing, and re-testing we're excited to announce our official plan to solve this issue once and for all: The Whiplash Partner Network.

The WPN recruits top facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad with excess capacity. Qualifying facilities are equipped with Whiplash's state of the art fulfillment technology and trained on best practice. Each warehouse that signs on acts as a new node in the Whiplash Network.

E-commerce retailers will be able to pick and choose from locations throughout the world. As business needs evolve, they will be able to easily move between physical locations - all without the risks, costs, and complexities of switching fulfillment providers.

Think of Whiplash as the load balancer of the logistics world,” says Whiplash co-founder and CEO James Marks. “Once our Partner Network is fully realized, we’ll have warehouse capacity listed all over the world, letting retailers choose the facility or facilities that best suit their needs at any given moment.”

Read full brief here

Facilities interested in more information and to apply can do so here.